PART I — Vagina — The Body

Chapter 1: HOLE #1 (the Vagina) — The Star Of The Show!

LL: So where do we start?

CG: OK—let’s jump right in. NOW—we have lots of holes in our body, right? We have a mouth, a hole in each ear, two in our noses, etc. We need all of these holes to live, to experience the world. And to reproduce. So speaking of that, let’s talk about the holes in the area of our vagina. Look at this picture. It is the picture of the vagina of a beautiful 35 year old woman from Los Angeles. Actually I have never seen her. But she has a beautiful vagina. But then again I think all vaginas are beautiful.

If you look closely you can see three “holes”. I love how your daughter asked about where the “hole” is, because of course there has to be a hole if something is coming out or going in, too. So let’s examine the HOLES. For some this part may be a review.

The smallest one is sort of hidden and it is called the urethra (labeled Hole #2). That is where urine comes out. The medium one is called the “anus” (Labeled Hole #3) and that is where feces (poop) comes out.

And the largest of the holes is called the vagina (the opening into the vaginal canal is the Introitus) and that is where menstrual blood comes out, as well as babies when they are born. It is also where penises and sperm and tampons and anything else go in. It is basically the passageway from the uterus and cervix (more on those two later) to the outside world. The vagina is sort of “framed by” by the vulva and the inner and outer labia—see the labeled picture? The outer labia has hair and the inner labia does not and all parts are labeled in the second picture, the picture of a 54 year old woman from Baltimore.

LL: I thought the whole area is called the vagina?

CG: No, actually the area shown in this first picture is actually called your “vulva”. Many people use “vagina” to refer to what is really the vulva.

LL: So why do we call it a vagina and why isn’t this book called “Vulva Revolution”

CG: Well, technically it should be but our culture has come to know the whole shebang as “vagina”—including the actual opening—which is part of the vulva.

If you look in a medical dictionary it will say that the vulva consists of the external genital organs of the female mammal. This includes the mons pubis—the “mound” that is soft and fleshy and where most of your pubic hair resides. The vulva also includes the clitoris (and that is actually hidden in this picture but it is above the holes and below the mons pubis). The clitoris gets its very own section later in the book. The vulva also consists of…

LL: …It just looks all squishy and wrinkly to me.

CG: Well it is a lot of skin all bunched up. But if you look closely you can see the different parts…back to different parts of the vulva. Here is a close-up diagram so you can see the parts even more clearly.

So now look at the part that is labeled Hole #3, that is the vaginal opening even though we call it the vagina, technically the vagina doesn’t start until after the opening!

The vagina, really, is the passageway part of the vulva. It is an elastic, muscular canal that has a soft and flexible lining. Think of the vagina as a hallway from the outside entrance (the vulva and the labia) to the uterus (where the babies grow until they are ready to come out). The hallway is usually “collapsed” sort of like a glove is collapsed until you put your fingers in it and then it expands to fit your fingers. The muscle in the vagina passageway expands to let things in (tampons) or out (babies).

LL: So the vagina is just a narrow, empty passageway made of muscle?

CG: Yes–it expands and contracts depending on what is in there. It also secretes lubrication and it is a place of great sensation for many women.

LL: So when I get a Yeast Infection, that is in Hole #1, right?

CG: Exactly! Seventy-five percent of all women get at least one yeast infection in their lives. See the chart in Chapter 2 on What infections you get in what holes, what causes the infections, and how you can prevent them.

The 20 chapters in the book are written as a conversation between two women.

There are also Join the Revolution! points scattered throughout the 20 chapters. Here are some examples:

1. Join the Revolution! Know All of Thy Body Parts!

Just by knowing all of the anatomy, all parts of your vagina and other anatomy in the region, and where it is located, puts you way ahead of the game. Make sure to pass this information on to friends, your daughters, sisters, even your mother! Give them the “quiz” on the website…the more we know, the more comfortable we become with our vaginas, the more empowered we are to address any issues we have with our vaginas, the more comfortable we are with the body part and the word, and the more positive energy we have surrounding our body.

2. Join the Revolution! Pull Out Those Vagina Mirrors!

Do not shy away from looking at your vagina. What kind of message are you sending it if you can’t even look at it? And what kind of message are you sending your brain about how much you like your vagina? Are you embarrassed by it? The more you study it and know what it looks like the more comfortable you will become.

Know exactly what your vagina looks like! And love it! Send it messages like “you are beautiful”… or… “I love you and appreciate you!”. And THANK your vagina for doing so much for you in your life. If not for your vagina, you may not experience as much pleasure in life.

3. Join the Revolution! Fully Embrace the Fact That Vaginas Are For Pleasure!

Yes, they can be for procreation, too. But because the clitoris is THE only human (male or female) body part whose SOLE purpose is for pleasure then the only conclusion we can draw from that is that G-d or Mother Nature or the Universe wants women to experience and seek out pleasure. Caveat: and of course always practicing safe sex can insure that the pleasure can continue…

4. Join the Revolution! Stop Using Negative Words Like Whore or Slut!

The word whore is a derogatory term that is used against women. Women and men do not have nearly the same feelings toward men who sleep with many women as we do toward women who sleep with many men. It is 2012 and we need the same rules to apply to both women and men. If society is not going to judge a man—or judge him less harshly by calling him a “player”—then we shall not judge women!

Women should also not be judged on how we dress. Women don’t “deserve” or “ask for” sexual assault, no matter what they are wearing. In response to this, the SlutWalk protest marches began in April, 2011 in Toronto, Canada and they became a movement of rallies across the world. The rallies began when a Toronto police officer suggested that to remain safe “women should avoid dressing like sluts.” Participants protest against explaining or excusing rape by referring to any aspect of a woman’s appearance, especially how they dress. Founder Heather Jarvis has emphasized the right for “anyone to wear what you want and be who you are without the threat of violence” and I would add without the threat of any negative words or commentary.

Who cares how many sexual partners someone has had? As long as she or he is practicing safe sex then it really does not matter. Who cares how a woman chooses to dress? It’s no one’s business except for the woman. We need to stop shaming women.

5. Join the Revolution! End the Hype over the Hymen!

The teeny-tiny sliver of skin at the entrance to the vagina, the hymen, has been used to “judge” if a woman was a virgin or not throughout time and across cultures. Women are born with Hymens of different shapes and sizes and it is not possible to tell if a woman has had sex or not by simply looking at her hymen. Many women stretch out their hymens by using tampons or horseback riding or other activities. Judging a woman by looking at her hymen is unfair for many reasons. First, it is a double-standard: there is no “body part” to check a man to see if he is a virgin or not. Second, checking a woman’s hymen is not an accurate, sure-fire way to see if she is a virgin, and in many cultures women have suffered because of someone else falsely claiming she is not a virgin. In some cultures the fear of being judged as someone who has had sex before marriage has led many women all over the world to get unnecessary surgeries to “create” a hymen in a woman’s vagina just so she can “prove” that she is a “virgin”. Many women are pressured to avoid sexual intercourse (penis-in-vagina) before marriage, but are simultaneously pressured to engage in other types of sex acts (anal, oral). Is that a double standard or what?

Enough is enough! It is time we end the hype over the hymen for once and for all. It is no one’s business if a woman is a virgin or has a defined hymen except for the woman—and anyone she chooses to share this information with.

Millions upon millions of women have been subject to unwanted people looking at their vaginas and placing judgments on their hymens and untold thousands have been punished based on this. This is cruel, humiliating and unfair.

6. Join the Revolution! Love Thy Labia!

OK, so breasts are aesthetically pleasing, right? Men can’t stop staring and countless artists have drawn them as objects of beauty or sexuality. So what about Labia? Labia have been in the closet for so long (although they have been celebrated by artists like Georgia O’Keefe and Nick Karras). Labia can be perfectly imperfect. More often than not they are a-symmetrical. More often than not they have shaded coloring. Let’s embrace them anyway, no matter what the color, shape, or size. Don’t try to change them to look pink and pre-pubescent. Say a huge NO to labiaplasty—an unnecessary surgery that many women put themselves through each year just to “perfect” the look of their labia. Labiaplasty has led to untold lawsuits because no one factors in the pain and discomfort that often comes along with unnecessary surgery on such a sensitive body part!

Join the revolution and embrace the fact that labia are beautiful as they are.

7. Join the Revolution! Let Your Vagina Breathe!

Wear breathable fabric, like cotton underwear—always. Do not wear underwear at night. Wear pantiliners only on special occasions—like when your menstrual flow is light, or right after sex so sperm and/or vaginal lubrication don’t soak your underwear. Or maybe on days when your cervical fluid is really flowing and getting your underwear more wet than normal. But anything short of this, join the revolution and don’t wear pantiliners. A healthy environment for your vagina is one with lots of air, low moisture, and nothing to trap the moisture or irritate labia.

8. Join the Revolution! Fully Understand Your Own Cycle

And I mean fully here. Do you know what day of your cycle you get cranky? What day you are most creative? What day you are positive that everyone dislikes you and you have no friends left in the world? And then what day that nothing will spoil your great mood? What day you are bloated and stopped-up? There is so much in your life that follows the same cycle as your menstrual cycle (post-menopausal women and men hormonal have cycles, too). This can include not just mood but also amount of cervical fluid coming out of your vagina, how hungry, tired, or energetic you are. This could include how sensitive your breasts are. How easily aroused you feel—or not. CHART all of this so you can have an excellent handle on your moods, energy, health, and cyclical changes. This can empower you to plan certain events, dates, meetings on certain days and plan a good “mental health day” on another day in the cycle. Or it can just make you feel better if you are having one of those “no one loves me” days—to go back and see that this is falling on the same exact day of the cycle as last time—that realization can be priceless.

How do you figure all of this out? Spend 3-4 months charting ALL of your changes. Use the chart on the website or simply create your own. You will notice that the same changes happen on the same days of your cycle month after month: menstruation, ovulation, “slimy” cervical fluid, “sticky” cervical fluid, smell—your vagina might be odorless at one point in your cycle, smell musty during another point. You will notice that your pooping patterns follow this cycle, too. Maybe even the kinds of foods you crave, the snot in your nose, the amount of energy you have. Share this information with your partner so he or she can stay away from you on your “cranky” day but ask you for help on a project during your “creative” week. Know when you are going to feel lazy so you ramp up your exercise beforehand. Basically just understand yourself and know that so much of what you feel at any point is actually hormonally controlled.

9. Join the Revolution! Embrace the Smell of Your Vagina!

What woman has not worried at least once in her life about how her vagina smells? Any Ob/Gyn will tell you that most of the time, most women have very “normal” smelling vaginas. Yet there are the facts and then the fear—the fear of someone else smelling your vagina!

A whole chapter of Vagina Revolution is dedicated to the topic of smell. But, in short, every woman has a good handle on how her vagina smells. Unless you notice a very unusual smell—and this could be a symptom of an infection—your normal smell is it is very likely a natural scent that does not need to be covered up.

In a recent poll, about a quarter of women in North America indicated that they don’t like the smell of their vagina. You know what? Vaginas smell like vaginas! Half the women in the world have a noticeable vaginal smell—though some are stronger than others, and almost all women have vaginas that smell differently at different times. Eve Ensler from the Vagina Monologues said it beautifully:

My vagina doesn’t need to be cleaned up. It smells good already. Don’t try to decorate. Don’t believe him when he tells you it smells like rose petals when it’s supposed to smell like pussy. That’s what they’re doing – trying to clean it up, make it smell like bathroom spray or a garden. All those douche sprays – floral, berry, rain. I don’t want my pussy to smell like rain. All cleaned up like washing a fish after you cook it. I want to taste the fish. That’s why I ordered it.

10. Join the Revolution! Keep Harsh Chemicals Away from Vaginas!!

Your vagina is like a self-cleaning oven. It doesn’t (usually) need any help to stay healthy. It’s when we have other ideas—like our vagina is “unclean” or “dirty” and we start acting on that by douching or scrubbing our vaginas—that is when our vaginas often react and get angry! Almost all doctors agree that douching is unhealthy and can hurt the normal “Ph balance” of your vagina (all vaginas have a normal Ph balance with good bacteria that is necessary to maintain this balance…more on this in Chapter 19 of Vagina Revolution). Also if you wash your vagina with harsh chemicals you can cause your vulva to become inflamed, itchy, or painful. If you have been doing this it is time to “reset” your vagina and find out what her normal state is. If you experience any itching or pain be sure to see a doctor and tell her about your plan to try to find out what your normal state is.

11. Join the Revolution! You Don’t Have To Put Up With Pain or Itching!

11. Join the Revolution! You Don’t Have To Put Up With Pain or Itching! Women are so tough and we are often willing to suffer a little bit too easily. But we are not meant to suffer! Pain and itchiness is (in most cases) NOT normal! So what to do? First go to your doctor to rule out a yeast, urinary, sexually transmitted, or other infection. Not that? Be a vulva-vagina detective and figure out what is causing it and try to fix it. So many women “accept” persistent and relentless pain or itchiness. There is not always a cause and if you tried everything and still cannot find the answer then that is a different story. But if you have not tried everything try this:

  • For itch: Wash your underwear with a mild or hyperallergenic soap and water and do not use dryer sheets; don’t keep a wet bathing suit on; don’t use any products on your vagina—or speak with your doctor and try taking a break for a few weeks to see if this is what is causing the itchiness; alter your diet—could it be an allergy? You can now get a blood test to test for many allergies. Examine any potential psychological causes—perhaps see a counselor. If all of this fails make an appointment with a vulva-vaginal specialist (ask your doctor for a referral if you don’t know any of these specialists).
  • For pain: After your doctor rules out the aforementioned infections ask her what else could be causing the pain. Is the pain chronic? Incessant? Is it only during intercourse? Intercourse should not be painful. Don’t accept this as “normal.” If your doctor does not have any answers ask her to refer you to a physical therapist or vulva-vaginal specialist—or both.
12. Join the Revolution! Hot Flashes (and Menopause) Need Not Cause Havoc on Your Life!

All women should see the movie Hot Flash Havoc—or at the least google it and watch the YouTube video trailer. It is a documentary about perimenopause and menopause that has tons of humor, grace, and balanced medical advice. It also empowers women to make their own decisions about hormone therapy that balances the risks vs. benefits. Not all hormone treatments are the same, and you shouldn’t reject them without first talking to your doctor. If you have menopausal symptoms that make your vagina dry, painful, or make your brain foggy, be sure to have a long, thorough conversation with your doctor about what is best for you. And if you still have symptoms that are wreaking havoc on your life tell your doctor or get a second—or third—opinion. Pre-menopausal women would also benefit from this movie because they should educate themselves and have a “plan” before going into menopause. Also read Chapter 10 in Vagina Revolution, “Your Vagina Over Time.”

13. Join the Revolution! Do Not Feel One Iota of Embarrassment for the Number of Sexual Partners You Have Had—or Have Not Had

So you are a sexual person? So you slept around? So what. Women in our culture—in most cultures really– have been socialized to NOT sleep around…but are men socialized to NOT sleep around? Not really. This is because we still have a patriarchal mindset. It used to be that women did not have the right to own property or inherit money or vote so we had to depend on a husband or father or brother or son. Now we have rights, but we are still quick to feel like we can’t do what men can do. Men are so much more comfortable with their sexuality. Why aren’t we?

It is now acceptable in most cultures to have sex before marriage but so many women still feel the societal pressure to not have too much sex. Why? Why not challenge these cultural norms? As long as you are not hurting yourself or anyone else and of course fully protected (use condoms or dental dams) then why should it matter?

So you have only been with one person? Or you have never been with anyone? Or you are not currently with someone? So what. Are you comfortable with this? If so then great. If not then it is time to make changes. But do what you want, not what society says you should want.

14. Join the Revolution! Be Sure to Have Sex or Be Intimate for Health Reasons.

Some of the many, many health benefits of sex include: it helps you to live longer, reduces your risk of breast cancer, bolsters your immune system, enhances fertility, lowers stress levels, reduces the risk of depression, relieves chronic pain, and much more. A full list of health benefits is listed in Part II of Vagina Revolution, “Vagina — The Mind.”

Just like you eat well, get enough sleep, drink enough water, be sure to have sex and be intimate if you have the opportunity. Dry spell or no potential partners? Masturbation provides many of the same health benefits as partner sex.

15. Join the Revolution! Know How to Give Yourself an Orgasm.

Betty Dodson, Ph.D., a pioneer sex therapist and educator said this: “Masturbation is a way for all of us to learn about sexual response. It’s an opportunity for us to explore our bodies and minds for all those sexual secrets we’ve been taught to hide, even from ourselves. What better way to learn about pleasure and being sexually creative? We don’t have to perform or meet anyone else’s standards, to satisfy the needs of a partner, or to fear criticism or rejection for failure. Sexual skills are like any other skills; they’re not magically inherited, they have to be learned.” Betty Dodson, Ph.D., sex therapist and educator (from V Book p. 121) For more on this and learning how to masturbate read her book Sex for One.

Giving yourself an orgasm is NOT the be-all and end-all. But at the same time there are so many advantages to knowing how to make this happen. If the thought of this makes you cringe, then it is time to work through the discomfort and ask yourself why it does. Explore this and learn from it. Having an orgasm is healthy—it can help you to relax and sleep better. It can also help enhance your mood. Plus, it’s a way of owning your sexuality, making it for and about you. Women have spent so much time thinking about sexuality as a way to please men, but it is also important to know how to please ourselves. This will give us more control and confidence and help women to feel more empowered.

16. Join the Revolution! Embrace Fantasy!

The popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey shows that many women are enthusiastically embracing fantasy! Though some may just be doing this on their Kindles

To embrace fantasy we need to do the following:

  1. Say “no” to any leftover feelings of “shame”! Many women were taught to equate feelings of sexuality with shame. Many women feel some sort of shame when thinking about their own sexual body parts. Sometimes, our parents and our communities taught us this explicitly. Other times, women picked it up implicitly, as part of their culture. Just like “the last thing a fish thinks about is water,” we breathe in and absorb the general thoughts, attitudes, values and norms of the environment in which we live. It can be really hard to shake these habits we pick up from our environment—especially if we don’t even recognize they exist! So to all of this shame we say “No! We will not feel shame over our sexuality any longer!”
  2. Enjoy sexual thoughts. If we enjoy having our earlobes sucked on or our toes licked and it is something that we want to do…enjoy it. If you feel aroused by the idea of being spanked or dominated, then don’t deny those thoughts, either.
  3. Want to feel aroused but you don’t? Try out some fantasies and figure out which ones work for you. Chapter 12 in Vagina Revolution, “Fantasy and Your Biggest Sex Organ…Your Brain” offers lots of suggestions.
  4. Don’t feel badly if you fantasize about your husband’s friend, or your friend’s husband, or women if you are heterosexual or men if you are a lesbian. Don’t worry if you have sex dreams about other people—of any gender—even if you are happily partnered. All of this is normal. If you want to turn one of these “forbidden” fantasies into reality and you can hurt a relationship or another person by doing this, then first talk to a counselor or friend. They can help you examine your motivations, and help you figure out how best to proceed. If the fantasy is just used as some “escapism” and does not take over your life then see it as exactly that—some escapism.
  5. Consider sharing your fantasies with a partner or trusted someone…or don’t! The great thing about fantasies is that by definition they are in your head and you can choose whether or not to keep them there…or not.
17. Join the Revolution! Learn to “LOVE” Life’s Most Embarrassing Moments…!

OK, so we all have those moments that cause us to cringe when we think of them. The time when your ex complained that you were boring in bed. Or when you let out gas that was so loud and so stinky…when having sex on your first date… or when you were fooling around with that guy and he made a comment about the hair on your nipples. Just reading this can make you cringe.

So often these thoughts get stuck in our heads and they overshadow our thoughts and diminish our joy. We feel less sexual or less comfortable with being sexual. This is unacceptable! It is time to forgive ourselves and MOVE ON. Keep these cringe-worthy moments where they belong—in the past. Enough is enough already. If we are having a revolution here we should free ourselves from our evil tyrants—our brains! Have a hard time doing this? See Chapter 12 in Vagina Revolution for detailed instructions.

18. Join the Revolution! Experiment.

So often women get stifled and stuck because of all of our responsibilities. We are over-burdened and over-worked, exhausted, and can barely breathe. Who can think of experimenting when we just want to get by! But we need to remind ourselves from time to time that life is short. Kids grow up in the blink of an eye. Spouses, parents, friends die unexpectedly. We do sometimes, too. So in the short time we have on earth don’t forget to try out new things—personalities, fantasies, sexual positions. When it comes to your vagina if you haven’t had a good look for a long time, get a good mirror and flashlight and study your vagina. Never tried a vibrator? Not even on your radar screen? Think about it—just for the fun of it. Surprise your partner. Surprise yourself.

19. Join the Revolution! Be Aware of What is Going on With Vaginas Worldwide.

Just like “a mother is only as happy as her least happy child,” “women are only as happy as our least happy vagina.” Tyranny for vaginas in one country absolutely affects women in other countries. Millions upon millions of women still do not have the right to vote, to be elected to public office, to drive, to own property, and to get custody of their children after a divorce. Millions upon millions of women are forced into prostitution, and millions more undergo female genital mutilation (FGM). FGM is an umbrella term for a number of surgical practices involving differing degrees and combinations of clitoral removal and sewing the vulva closed. The point is to prevent women from having sexual pleasure so they will not have sex before marriage. It also prevents sexual pleasure after marriage, and can lead to dangerous health complications throughout life. will highlight FGM and tell women everywhere how they can help fight it.

20. Join the Revolution! Embrace “The Word”!

OK, so many women do not look at our own vaginas, let alone speak the word out loud. The first step in overcoming shame and loving our vaginas is becoming comfortable with the word “vagina.” That leads to more comfort in the body part.

Last month (June, 2012) Lisa Brown, a Michigan lawmaker, was banned from the House floor for using the word “vagina”. Brown and other female lawmakers organized a protest and Eve Ensler flew in for the protest and also helped the group put on her play the Vagina Monologues. I flew up from Charlotte, NC for the event to witness one of the first visible signs of the Vagina Revolution…

Eve Ensler spoke about why she supported this event: “For 14 years at V-Day, we’ve seen the power of saying the word ‘vagina.’ We’ve seen how it’s freed women from their shame and empowered them to break the silence and become leaders in their communities. By saying the word ‘vagina’ and making it okay to say the word ‘vagina,’ we take away the humiliation, and fear, and myths that often surround it,” stated Ensler. “Censoring a woman for saying a word that is a body part that 51% of their constituents have is a repression that we have not and should not ever witness in this country.”

So let’s shout it from the tops of our roofs…! OK, well maybe not go that far. But let’s use the word—with our daughters, our friends, our doctors. Let’s get more comfortable with the word.

We had so much fun making YouTube videos with friends and family and members of the Charlotte community saying the word vagina on our YouTube videos to introduce people to the book—and the movement—Vagina Revolution. Here is one of our videos: We also invite women and men everywhere to send us your videos and we will include them in one of our YouTube videos! Upload your video here.

21. Join the Revolution! Be True to Your Gender and Sexual Orientation.

We are all socialized by our families and communities and many of us felt the need to repress natural feelings in order to fit in or be accepted by loved ones. Yet when you repress real, natural feelings they don’t sit back and “take it” for very long—they have a strong need to get out and get recognized! And why wouldn’t they if they are real and authentic? If you have not already paid attention to those feelings and ideas then do so now. Born female but always felt like a male inside? Maybe you are transgender. Explore this idea. Brought up learning to like men but really attracted to women? Explore this idea. Have fantasies and dreams about being a lesbian? They actually may not mean you are a lesbian. Or maybe they do. Sexuality is very fluid—more so for women than for men and even more so over time. No matter what the thoughts and feelings explore them now or when the time is right.

Chapter 17 in Vagina Revolution, “Gender and Sexual Orientation,” also has a QUIZ to help women “figure out” their sexual orientation. Though the bottom line answer is your orientation is whatever you say it is and you are allowed to change this over time. Or just refuse to put yourself in any box.

Dr. Cindy M. Meston and Dr. David M. Buss write a book called Why Women Have Sex and in the book they write about a study where they asked people about their sexual orientation. They found: “Eleven percent of women who answered their survey did not choose heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual rather “other”—including gay, lesbian, asexual, bi-curious, hetero-flexible, omnisexual, pansexual, queer, straight-plus, fluid, open, polyamorous, still questioning, and various combinations of “mostly heterosexual plus a touch of gay.” You go girls—we all have a right to define ourselves in whatever way we want to.

22. Join the Revolution! Be Authentic!

The famous author e.e. cummings said “To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting” (1955). Why is this such a difficult battle? Because we have our own inner voice—all of us—yet it is so often drowned out by the needs of our families or employers, the messages from society and loved ones, the values of our parents and communities. We are so tuned in to this that it is hard to hear what our inner voices are saying. It is hard to stay true to ourselves and thus authentic. Yet staying true to ourselves is what we are really meant to do. We are unique and we are the only ones who think the way we do. We all have a purpose.

Everyone knows how it feels to “swim upstream” or to go against your own instinct and do something because “others” want you to. It just does not feel right—probably because it is not right. We need to “follow the grain in our own wood” –because it feels right and it is right.

Vagina Revolution


  1. Hole 1 (the Vagina)
  2. Hole 2 (the Urethra)
  3. Hole 3 (the Anus)
  4. The Rest of the Anatomy in the Region
  5. Goo (Cervical Fluid and Vaginal Discharge)
  6. Clitoris
  7. Look (Shave? Pierce?)
  8. Smell
  9. Feel (Normal? Itch? Pain?)


  1. Vaginas Over Time
  2. Sexuality and Intimacy
  3. Fantasy and Your Biggest Sex Organ—your Brain!
  4. Masturbation
  5. Orgasm
  6. Sex!


  1. Childbirth and Motherhood
  2. Sexual and Gender Orientation
  3. What Is Going On With Our Sisters Worldwide
  4. Comfort for the Soul: Taking Care Of Your Vagina AND Yourself
  5. The Word on the Word and the Final Word