Laura Hankin Lewin was born in Baltimore, Maryland and grew up in Purchase, New York, a suburb of New York City. She always considered herself to be a Southerner at heart, so for college she traded the Big Apple for Georgia peaches, earning her Bachelors in Psychology at Emory University. Then she went to Duke University, where she earned her Masters in Public Policy. Laura worked in the foundation and nonprofit world for her first few years out of school.

After meeting her Canadian husband Marc and having three children, she decided to become a school counselor, and earned her Masters in Counseling at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. Laura loves her career as both a high school and middle school counselor in the public schools in Charlotte, North Carolina.

So loving the South, public policy, counseling…so why write about Vaginas? Great question! For years, Laura has been amazed at how much this body part has been shrouded by mystery—whispered about—not even looked at by countless women! Like most women, she heard stories about friends growing up with feelings of shame and embarrassment about their vaginas, as well as friends living with pain or discomfort because they didn’t know how to ask the right questions of their own doctors. She found that basic and interesting information about women was not shared freely and easily as, say, information about nutrition or shoes. This was not because we don’t care, but because we don’t have enough vocabulary, answers, and knowledge about our vaginas.

Laura can’t stand the idea of anyone suffering in any way–physically, emotionally, or spiritually. A lack of knowledge and embarrassment was causing way too much shame, embarrassment and pain and suffering. After all, vaginas are only one of many body parts, and women are comfortable with so much else, so why not vaginas, too?

Laura confronted this with the added perspective of her own nine year-old daughter: “Mommy, if there are 7 billion people in the world, and half have vaginas, and almost everyone born comes through a vagina, then why do we have to be embarrassed to use that word?” Kate’s question and more led Laura to write Vagina Revolution. As a wife, mother, public policy wonk, and counselor, she lined up experts to interview: Ob/Gyns, a physical therapist who specializes on pelvic floors, a midwife, a marriage counselor, sex therapist, and even her own family-physician husband! The book is packed full of interesting, fun, and empowering information, and written in an entertaining way – like a conversation between two friends.

Laura passionately believes that it’s unfair, harmful, and just plain wrong that we still have hang-ups about one of the most basic and natural body parts–the vagina. The book is her contribution to the Vagina Revolution movement, her first step in bringing vaginas out of the closet.

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