Vagina Revolution is born!

Posted on: May 4th, 2013 by llewin No Comments

Wow—it has been a long time since I have written!  It feels so good to be back.  I started my blog last Spring but then I stopped writing so I could finish the book and boy did that take much longer than I thought it would.  I guess having three kids, a husband, family and friends, and a job, it does not leave much time left for writing a book!  But I am thrilled that after many revisions and much editing it is DONE!!  My book, Vagina Revolution: A Candid and Informative Conversation About Vaginas, is now on sale on Amazon!!


So what are my hopes for my book?  I remember asking the same question after having children—what were my hopes for my children?  For my children I wanted them to be safe, healthy, and happy…I wanted them to love to learn and to have friends and to love to play…I wanted them to feel a sense of peace and balance…As they got older I wanted them to give back to the world and give back to their communities.  For my book my feelings are both similar and different.  Vagina Revolution did feel very much like a baby—especially at the end of my pregnancy when I was sooooo ready to deliver.  I have so many hopes for my book—I want it to be informative and to teach women things they never knew—men, too, perhaps.  I want it to reach women who have felt disassociated from their vaginas and women who feel shame and embarrassment and I want the book—the process of reading it—to be cathartic.  I want the feelings of shame or embarrassment to melt away and women to become more associated with, more aware of, more appreciative of their vaginas.  After all, vaginas play such a huge role in our lives…yet they have traditionally been treated badly or ignored.


I would love for the book to spark many more conversations—between women, between women and their partners, their friends, book clubs, and of course their doctors.  That is my hope for my book as I write this post and start trying to get the word out that Vagina Revolution: A Candid and Informative Conversation About Vaginas, has been born.



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